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Whizz Pops photo Whizz Pops 20122014 Bruce Munro 
Wide Out photo Wide Out 1998 James Turrell 
Wirbelwerk photo Wirbelwerk 2012 Ólafur Elíasson 
Yellow and Sky Blue photo Yellow and Sky Blue 2005 Ann Veronica Janssens 
YES TO ALL photo YES TO ALL 2016 Sylvie Fleury 
You Loved me like a distant Star photo You Loved me like a distant Star 2012 Tracey Emin 
Your Rainbow Panorama photo Your Rainbow Panorama 2011 Ólafur Elíasson 
Ziffern im Wald photo Ziffern im Wald 2003 Mario Merz 
ZOO photo ZOO 1989 Albert Hien 
νόστος ἄλγος (nóstos álgos) photo νόστος ἄλγος (nóstos álgos) 2012 Raimund Kummer 
∴ 0=1 -inflation photo ∴ 0=1 -inflation 2013 HItoshi Kuriyama