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Künstlerresidenz2004Arts-in-residenceChinese Arts CenterManchester, UK

Einzelausstellung2019Jade BranchTang Contemporary ArtPeking, China
Einzelausstellung2017Yang Art MuseumPeking, China
Gruppenausstellung2016China OverpopYuz MuseumShanghai, China
Gruppenausstellung2016Community of CelibatesShanghai Gallery of ArtShanghai, China
Einzelausstellung2014Wind Light as a ThiefGalerie Daniel TemplonBrüssel, Belgien
Einzelausstellung2012Who is alone now will stay alone foreverTOP Contemporary Art CenterShangai, China
Gruppenausstellung2012Neon. Who’safraid of red, yellow and blue?Maison Rouge, Antoine de Galbert FoundationParis, France
Einzelausstellung2011He An Solo ShowGalerie Daniel TemplonParis, Frankreich
Gruppenausstellung2011Remote Ten Years of White Rabbit—Contemporary Chinese Art CollectionWhite Rabbit MuseumSydney, Australien
Einzelausstellung2009What Makes Me Understand What I KnowUCCAPeking, China
Gruppenausstellung2005After 1970sBeijing Today Art MuseumPeking, China
Einzelausstellung2003HE ANChinese Arts CenterManchester, UK
Gruppenausstellung2003DistanceThe Guangdong Museum of ArtsGuangzhou, China
Gruppenausstellung2000LovelyModern MuseumPeking, China



Wuhan, China
Abschluss in Ölmalerei der Hubei Academy of Fine Arts



Wuhan, China



Peking, China

He An lives and works in Beijing. He An is part of an emerging generation of artists born after China’s Cultural Revolution who are making work in the midst of an enormous industrial expansion. His work largely deals with the physical and psychological atmosphere of China’s growing cities, especially the signs, lights, and language that populate the built environment. 

His light sculptures are made up of characters stolen – with the complicity of the local mafia – from the signs that light up his native city of Wuhan. Using these stolen ideograms, which are often damaged, the artist recreates the names of people who are dear to him. He An's work is autobiographic and obsessive, straddling the line between illegality and investigation and exploring the prohibitions and taboos of contemporary Chinese culture.

He An broke into contemporary culture in 2000 with the statement “I miss you, please contact me” in his work of the same title. The work combined public space with private desire, contemporary discourse with unmediated human communication. It cracked open a crevice where people could peer beyond their jobs, relationships, and commercial urban stress to see something strange but beautifully simple. It was emotional without strings attached, and consequently people contacted him from all over China. The deceptive simplicity of this work, its romantic theatricality, plus its desire to reach between the public and private has defined He An’s practice even since.

https://www.tangcontemporary.com/he-an (21.07.2020)


Do You Think You Can Help Her Brother? photo Do You Think You Can Help Her Brother? 2009 He An 
Miss You, Please Contact Me photo Miss You, Please Contact Me 2000 He An