Kinetic Skyline

WerktitelKinetic Skyline
    ca. 50,2 x 88,5 m
    computergesteuerte LED (10 verschiedene computergesteuerte Farbwechselprogramme)
    Griffin Partners/Clarion Partners, Philips Color Kinetics
    Griffin Partners/Clarion Partners
Lichtoptische Faktoren
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From a vantage point on the 21st floor of the Frost Bank Tower, members of the arts community and city officials watched as “Kinetic Skyline” illuminated the Bank of America Plaza with a display of blue and green light.

“I’m really over the moon about this project because with this tremendous support from the owners of the building we were able to realize one of the largest light sculptures in the state of Texas,” FitzGibbons said.

Located at 300 Convent Street near the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts, the 28-story Bank of America Plaza is one of the tallest buildings downtown.


Created with computerized LED lights, the effect of the installation is of a series of eight columns climbing up facades on the north and south sides of the building. FitzGibbons also created programs for holiday displays. Thursday night, he demonstrated the schemes for the Fourth of July and Fiesta.

The Bank of America Plaza is owned by Houston-based Griffin Partners and New York-based Clarion Partners. It is currently undergoing capital improvements.

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