Hans-Christian Berg

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Preis2014Sharjah Calligraphy Biennal 6th editionSchardscha, Vereinigten Arabischen Emiraten
Preis2009William Thuring Foundation PrizeThe Finnish Art SocietyFinnland
Förderung20085 year grantArt council of FinlandFinland
Preis20081- price in juried public sculpural competition for the New FENNIA HouseHelsinki, Finnland
Preis2007The national Young Artist of the YearHelsinki, Finnland
Künstlerresidenz2003Living Residence 3- year grantVilla SnäcksundEkenäs, Finnland
Preis2000Young Sculpter Award of the yearRaimo Utriainen FoundationFinnland

Einzelausstellung2015Color space 2.0Galerie ForsblomHelsinki, Finland
Gruppenausstellung2015TouchSaastamoinen Foundation Art Collection Exhibition, EMMA, Espoo Museum of Modern ArtEspoo Finnland
Gruppenausstellung2014AURORA, Contemporary Nordic Glass ArtPera MuseumIstanbul, Türkei
Einzelausstellung2013Museum NordNarvik, Norway
Einzelausstellung2013The metamorphoses of a lineGallery Kashya HildebrandLondon, UK
Gruppenausstellung2012CamouflageKiasma, Contemporary Art MuseumHelsinki, Finnland
Gruppenausstellung2010Light 21International Centre for Light ArtUnna, Germany
Gruppenausstellung2009StunningWäinö Aaltonen Art MuseumTurku, Finnland
Einzelausstellung2008The Norwegian Institute of CultureOslo, Norwegen
Einzelausstellung2008The Finnish InstituteStockholm, Schweden
Einzelausstellung2007Young Artist of the YearHC Berg, Tampere Art MuseumTampere, Finnland
Einzelausstellung2004Galerie ForsblomHelsinki, Finnland
Gruppenausstellung2003100years of Finnish CeramicsDesign MuseumHelsinki, Finnland
Gruppenausstellung2000Suomen Lasi Elää 4Riihimäki GlassmuseumRiihimäki, Finnland

International sculpture park in SchaumbergChicago, Illinois, USA
Espoo Art MuseumEspoo, Finnland
Oulu Art MuseumOulu, Finnland
Bankhaus Sal.OppenheimKöln, Germany
The Collection of Kaj Forsblom and Rafaela Seppälä-Forsblom,Finland



Helsinki, Finnland
MFA Keramik und Glas, Akademie für Kunst und Design



Helsinki, Finnland
MFA Sculpture Helsinki Art Academy



Espoo, Finnland



Inkoo, Finnland

Berg's works are independent entities and simultaneously sensitive interpreters of the history of architecture, design and art. His sculptures and optical installations are not cold objects but profound expressions of human creativity, and as such they establish a strong interactive bond with their environment. They call for audience participation, challenge the boundaries of vision, and force both the body as well as the invisible soul into motion. As the contemporary art specialist Leevi Haapala has noted, Berg's works appeal to and engage all the human senses. In concluding his essay in the present catalogue, Haapala poignantly observes that Berg's works present to us "Occasional wonders of creation: here and now – on earth."

Berg's works do not submit to the hegemony of the magisterial gaze as lifeless objects, but rather they challenge the entire human frame of reference. In his works we see ourselves, our wavering selfhood, our otherness, and through these acts of engagement and revelation contact is established with the beat that is life itself. His work present a network of spatio-temporal dimensions in which image and language, thoughts and words are intertwined. In front of these works, in dialogue with them, we can understand why creativity is a basic human instinct and why art is a fundamental manifestation of this instinct.

Janne Gallen-Kallela-Siren

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