Throne (and over and over again)

WerktitelThrone (and over and over again)
Entstehungsjahr2009 - 2010
    759.5 H x 609.6 L x 274.3 W cm
    Fluorescent tubes, steel, chain, wire and road case
    Gladstone Gallery
    Banks Violette
Lichtoptische Faktoren
2010New YorkLink

Upon entering the gallery, you first notice the bright glare of throne (and over and over again), a giant chandelier composed of many fluorescent tubes held together by steel and chain trailed by many long, black wires plugging into a mysterious energy source hidden within a black traveling case on the floor.  Directly across from the bright light source is blackouts/blackholes (and all the things between) / for DS 7.13.09, three large black, glossy pieces made of plywood, aluminum, epoxy, and fiberglass, elevated by steel scaffolding supported by sandbags.  As the show's press release states, the black wall "seems to buckle and melt against the reflection of the light."  

For both of his works, Violette employed "the monochromatic tone and the use of replaceable industrial materials common to Minimalist and Conceptual sculptors..." however Violette's works seem self-consciously constructed and theatrical.  By making the "banal technical necessities" (ie: wires, scaffolding...) visible, the artist "heightens the artificial spectacle of his installation..."  The New York-based Violette has created a powerful, compelling exhibit. (30. 11. 2018)

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