Nieve que quema

WerktitelNieve que quema
    Bäume im Park
    40 battery powerd lamps, bubble wrap, red paper
Lichtoptische Faktoren

Miraculously, it snowed yesterday in Madrid, and today all the roofs are still white, a wonderful sight. Everybody has celebrated it, thousands of photographers have been showing it on the net. We didn’t want to be less, so we have been put on our own show, as best as we can out on the streets at midnight with our ephemeral lights and some hot chocolate. Trees in flames, over a white background. It was performed on 10 January. The site was a park in Madrid Roma Park a completely white green area covered with snow but on which children’s playing footprints can be seen. On the tree trunks, we hung 40 red hot flames. It was our way of expressing how well we felt for this small miracle that had taken place in a city where it seldom snows. For one day, everywhere in Madrid was white and for only one night Roma Park was white and red.

Time of installation : 1 hour.
Electricity consumption: 0
Damages: none
Exhibition time: about 7 hours. At eleven o’clock the next day only one flame remained.
Material used: 40 battery powerd lamps, bubble wrap, red paper, flask of hot chocolate.
We notied: 2 police cars, 2 people walking their dogs, and a person walking aimlessly.

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