Stahltisch, 12 Petrischalen, IP-Videokamera mit Starlight-Technologie, Beamer
Lichtoptische Faktoren

Microclimates is an interactive laboratory installation concerned with the interaction between man and climate. This further development of the dynamic multi-sense-installation "something in the air" which contrasted the local (Kunstverein Ulm) and the global (Echigo-Tsumari-Art-Triennial) climate is concentrating on the themes of climate and CO2-outputs and the warming of the immediate surroundings - the direct influence of humans on the climate. In the center of the installation is a round mirror table, on which 12 petri dishes are installed, which contain 12 backlit satellite (partly thermographic) images of areas of the earth with extreme climate. Per video camera and beamer, a picture of the actual sky above the exhibition space is projected through an opening in the middle of the table onto the ceiling. The images are mirrored on the polished stainless steel surface of the table. The weather data (such as wind velocity and direction, rain, temperature, humidity) measured by a locally installed weather station, are converted into signals to drive digital light generators. The scientific data are translated into different light intensity and allow, in this way, an altered perception of an everyday phenomenon and make the human influence on the climate perceivable. In addition, if a person is detected by one of the thermosensors, which are installed close to the mirror table, he/she also influences the composition by modifying the light intensity and the sound. A tension is created between the indoor "climate" (artistic translation of the scientifically measured and calculated data and the direct influence of the visitors on the room climate) and the outside (the weather station, the sky). Through the climate-observatory, in which the visitors can experience the direct influence of their bodies onto the "coded" light streams, their consciousness and perception of the man-induced climate change are sharpened. 



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