Entstehungsjahr2018 - 2016
    440 cm, 340 cm, 340 cm
    Steel, aluminium, programmable leds, integrated speaker
    Unterstützung von Wellcome Trust, The Arts Council England, Durham Council, Durham University, University of Hertfordshire und Sachleistungen der Industrie
Lichtoptische Faktoren
2017YoutubeHatfieldVortrag (University of Hertfordshire)Link
2017 - 2018AusstellungenDurham, LondonLumiere FestivalLink

Cosmoscope is an interdisciplinary project led by professor Simeon Nelson researched and produced in collaboration with an expert team of artists and scientists culminating in a monumental  sound and light sculpture.Inspired by historical astronomical instruments and models of the cosmos, it looks at the infinitesimal to the infinite. Like the world with its calamities and ceaseless change, Cosmoscope has order and disorder built in. Its patterns of light and music intertwine and separate in perpetual evolution giving rise to very small, the human and very large scales sourced from the research into solid-state physics, organic structures, and the large-scale structure of the cosmos. 

Informed by collaboration with leading physicists working at the cutting edge of the very small, the human and the very large, Cosmoscope embeds us, organically in  science into earth science and astrophysics to offer a compelling narrative of the origin, evolution and nature of life.

Cosmoscope takes the fact of the human scale being roughly at the midpoint of the cosmic scale and tries of apprehend both the unity and diversity of all things, our situation and attempt to comprehend all this. This is the existential dimension to the project -  reimagining ourselves embedded in a wider system of meaning beyond the human. (...) (21.11.2019)

Taking inspiration from the study of the universe, blood flowing through the human heart and the order and disorder of atoms and molecules, Cosmoscope explored the patterns, structures and similarities of these scientific areas.

The piece was originally created for Lumiere Durham 2017 and later appeared at Lumiere London 2018 in Fitzrovia’s Store Street. (21.11.2019)


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