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(Kindness)of(Strangers) photo (Kindness)of(Strangers) 2016 Alfredo Jaar 
114 kw photo 114 kw 2006 Siegrun Appelt 
160 kw photo 160 kw 2007 Siegrun Appelt 
5 Lichttropfen photo 5 Lichttropfen 1979 Walter Giers 
7 billion pixels photo 7 billion pixels 2013 Antoine Schmitt 
A Place Beyond Belief photo A Place Beyond Belief 2013 Nathan Coley 
Access photo Access 2003 Marie Sester 
Acupuncture photo Acupuncture 2016 Hans Peter Kuhn 
America America photo America America 1964 Martial Raysse 
An Additive Mix photo An Additive Mix 2015 Liz West 
Archive Dreaming photo Archive Dreaming 2017 Refik Anadol 
Are you really here photo Are you really here 2014 Jeppe Hein 
Astro 5 photo Astro 5 2014 John M. Armleder 
aura photo aura 2005 Brigitte Kowanz 
Awilda & Irma photo Awilda & Irma 2014 Jaume Plensa 
Be Amazing (White) photo Be Amazing (White) 2013 Sylvie Fleury 
Bending Arc photo Bending Arc 2020 Janet Echelman 
big bang……interruption! photo big bang……interruption! 2013 Hans Kotter 
Bit.reflection photo Bit.reflection 2013 Julius Popp 
Blind Light photo Blind Light 2007 Antony Gormley 
Blind Spot photo Blind Spot 2002 Fred Eerdekens 
CENTAURE 1.5 times photo CENTAURE 1.5 times 2004 Yoshiaki Kaihatsu 
Cloud Square photo Cloud Square 2019 Karolina Halatek 
Cochons Pendus photo Cochons Pendus 1994 Patrick Raynaud 
Collapsed Gallery photo Collapsed Gallery 1991 Bigert & Bergström 
Continuel lumière cylindre photo Continuel lumière cylindre 1962 Julio Le Parc 
Continuel-mobile, continuel-lumière photo Continuel-mobile, continuel-lumière 1963 Julio Le Parc 
control-release photo control-release 2008 HItoshi Kuriyama 
Croisement photo Croisement 2018 Pablo Valbuena 
Deckenmalerei photo Deckenmalerei 1992 Gerhard Merz 
Der neue Mieter photo Der neue Mieter 2011 Susanne Hofer 
Die bewegte Linie photo Die bewegte Linie 2020 Martin Hesselmeier 
Die Signatur des Wortes photo Die Signatur des Wortes 2001 Joseph Kosuth 
Disassembly photo Disassembly 2017 Susanne Rottenbacher 
Divine Intervention photo Divine Intervention 2010 Kristin McIver 
Double Vision photo Double Vision 2018 Jeongmoon Choi 
Driftwood, Treibholz photo Driftwood, Treibholz 2003 Andreas Schmid 
Drip photo Drip 2004 André Bless 
Edisonka photo Edisonka 1926 Zdeněk Pešánek 
Ejercicios de invisibilidad photo Ejercicios de invisibilidad 2012 Bernardí Roig 
electricity – projections in a corridor, 2008 photo electricity – projections in a corridor, 2008 2008 Veldhues & Schumacher 
Electrocosmos photo Electrocosmos 2008 Diana Larrea 
Energetische Konstruktionen photo Energetische Konstruktionen 2018 Rainer Plum 
Extension - model 1:1 photo Extension - model 1:1 2017 molitor & kuzmin 
Fire and Water photo Fire and Water 2012 Yaacov Agam 
Florence photo Florence 1996 Jenny Holzer 
formprozessor photo formprozessor 2004 Andreas Muxel 
Forms in Space…by Light (in Time) photo Forms in Space…by Light (in Time) 2017 Cerith Wyn Evans 
Ghost Pole Propagator II photo Ghost Pole Propagator II 2016 Golan Levin and Collaborators (FLONG) 
Gradients photo Gradients 2015 Dennis Parren 
Happô-En photo Happô-En 2001 Yoshiaki Kaihatsu 
Holistic Strata Installation photo Holistic Strata Installation 2011 Hiroaki Umeda 
Homeless Lamp, the Juice Sucker photo Homeless Lamp, the Juice Sucker 2004 Iván Navarro 
Im Vorübergehen photo Im Vorübergehen 1993 Günter Dohr 
Infinity Room photo Infinity Room 2015 Refik Anadol 
Intensional Particle photo Intensional Particle 2015 Hiroaki Umeda 
Invisible Dimensions photo Invisible Dimensions 2016 Carlo Bernardini 
iphone 09.01.2007 photo iphone 09.01.2007 2017 Brigitte Kowanz 
kavlebod brygge photo kavlebod brygge 2018 Gun Gordillo 
Kinetic Outdoor Light Mural  photo Kinetic Outdoor Light Mural  1949 Gyorgy Kepes 
Kultur = Kapital photo Kultur = Kapital 2016 Alfredo Jaar 
Licht Himmel photo Licht Himmel 2008 Christina Kubisch 
Licht-Raum-Farbe photo Licht-Raum-Farbe 2011 Heinz Mack 
Lichtbühne photo Lichtbühne 2011 Christian Herdeg 
Lichtcontainer photo Lichtcontainer 1997 molitor & kuzmin 
Lichtgrenze photo Lichtgrenze 2014 Christopher Bauder 
Light and Space photo Light and Space 2007 Robert Irwin 
Light Connection photo Light Connection 1997 Michel Verjux 
Light dream photo Light dream 2007 Bernardí Roig 
Light Matters/ Matrix Paris photo Light Matters/ Matrix Paris 2018 Erwin Redl 
Light prisms/ Tuffo nell’arcobaleno photo Light prisms/ Tuffo nell’arcobaleno 1969 Alberto Biasi 
Line Describing a Cone photo Line Describing a Cone 1973 Anthony McCall 
Luci photo Luci 1968 Gilberto Zorio 
Luminous wall for Boston Harbor Bicentennial photo Luminous wall for Boston Harbor Bicentennial 19641965 Gyorgy Kepes 
Lumisonic Rotera photo Lumisonic Rotera 2012 Mariska de Groot 
Marquesina photo Marquesina 2017 Philippe Parreno 
Morsealphabet photo Morsealphabet 1998 Brigitte Kowanz 
Neo Deo photo Neo Deo 2002 Fred Eerdekens 
Néon dans l’espace photo Néon dans l’espace 1969 François Morellet 
Nervous Structure 10 [2013] photo Nervous Structure 10 [2013] 2013 Cuppetelli + Mendoza 
NGC6093 photo NGC6093 2001 Hiro Yamagata 
Not Yet Titled (Light Spill) photo Not Yet Titled (Light Spill) 2007 Banks Violette 
o.T. (Neonsessel mit Leiterlehne) photo o.T. (Neonsessel mit Leiterlehne) 1991 Vito Acconci 
Ohe Titel photo Ohe Titel 1988 Werner Bauer 
One11 and 103 photo One11 and 103 1992 John Cage 
ÖR 46, Lichtwand photo ÖR 46, Lichtwand 1991 Werner Bauer 
Our love is like the flowers, the rain, the sea and the hours photo Our love is like the flowers, the rain, the sea and the hours 2002 Martin Boyce 
Pavillon photo Pavillon 2000 Gerhard Merz 
Percussion photo Percussion 2014 Jakob Mattner 
Percussion Androgyn photo Percussion Androgyn 1986 Jakob Mattner 
photon 999 photo photon 999 2001 Hiro Yamagata 
Plan Albea photo Plan Albea 2014 Gun Gordillo 
Plenum photo Plenum 2014 Simeon Nelson 
Rainbow Church photo Rainbow Church 2010 Tokujin Yoshioka 
Random Fear with Mirrors photo Random Fear with Mirrors 2019 Rafaël Rozendaal 
res·o·nant photo res·o·nant 2017 Mischa Kuball 
Rhythmus 21 photo Rhythmus 21 1921 Hans Richter 
River Of Time photo River Of Time 2016 James Clar 
Robert photo Robert 2018 Tavares Strachan 
S.O.S. POETRY photo S.O.S. POETRY 2015 Dirk Vollenbroich 
scala momentum photo scala momentum 2016 Martin Hesselmeier Andreas Muxel 
Scanning photo Scanning 2009 Joachim Fleischer 
SCHWEIGEN photo SCHWEIGEN 2010 Gunda Förster 
Shanta (Blue) photo Shanta (Blue) 1967 James Turrell 
Shard of Light photo Shard of Light 2011 James Nizam 
Shiro photo Shiro 2016 Nonotak Studio 
Sign of Life photo Sign of Life 2012 Hartung and Trenz 
Skylights photo Skylights 2008 Adam Barker-Mill 
Snow photo Snow 2010 Tokujin Yoshioka 
Solid Light Works photo Solid Light Works 2018 Anthony McCall 
Solve this captcha: Is anybody home lol photo Solve this captcha: Is anybody home lol 2016 !Mediengruppe Bitnik 
Speed Of Light photo Speed Of Light 2010 United Visual Artists (UVA) Chris Bird Matthew Clark Ash Nehru 
SPIN! photo SPIN! 2017 Susanne Rottenbacher 
Star Trap photo Star Trap 1991 Arnold Dreyblatt 
Step-On I photo Step-On I 1975 Christian Herdeg 
Terminal photo Terminal 2016 Karolina Halatek 
The Luminiferous Aether photo The Luminiferous Aether 2011 James O. Clark 
the weight of light photo the weight of light 2015 Martin Hesselmeier Andreas Muxel 
Thought Forms (Fan, Fold, Cube, Tetrahdron, Dart) photo Thought Forms (Fan, Fold, Cube, Tetrahdron, Dart) 2011 James Nizam 
Throne (and over and over again) photo Throne (and over and over again) 2009 Banks Violette 
Untitled (against the Sculptural) photo Untitled (against the Sculptural) 2009 Onishi Yasuaki 
Wallpainting photo Wallpainting 2010 Paul Schwer 
Weiße Zeit photo Weiße Zeit 2018 Joachim Fleischer 
What to see What not to see photo What to see What not to see 2007 Maurizio Nannucci 
Witheout photo Witheout 2019 Erwin Redl 
YES TO ALL photo YES TO ALL 2016 Sylvie Fleury 
Your utopia photo Your utopia 2003 Ólafur Elíasson 
Zoom Squares photo Zoom Squares 1967 Gianni Colombo 
Zutphen / Marstunnel photo Zutphen / Marstunnel 2015
νόστος ἄλγος (nóstos álgos) photo νόστος ἄλγος (nóstos álgos) 2012 Raimund Kummer