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114 kw photo 114 kw 2006 Siegrun Appelt 
160 kw photo 160 kw 2007 Siegrun Appelt 
???! photo ???! 2004 Albert Hien 
Agujero Negro (Cygnus X 1) photo Agujero Negro (Cygnus X 1) 2014 Björn Dahlem 
All art has been contemporary photo All art has been contemporary 2005 Maurizio Nannucci 
ARCHE photo ARCHE 2003 Christoph Hildebrand 
Astro 5 photo Astro 5 2014 John M. Armleder 
Atmosphere photo Atmosphere 2015 Chris Fraser 
Aube bleue photo Aube bleue 2018 Claude Lévêque 
aura photo aura 2005 Brigitte Kowanz 
Auseinandernehmen photo Auseinandernehmen 2012 Max Sudhues 
Awilda & Irma photo Awilda & Irma 2014 Jaume Plensa 
Ba-O-Ba photo Ba-O-Ba 2002 Keith Sonnier 
Be Amazing (White) photo Be Amazing (White) 2013 Sylvie Fleury 
Broken Light photo Broken Light 2014 Christoph Dahlhausen 
Chapelle Notre-Dame-du-Haut de Ronchamp photo Chapelle Notre-Dame-du-Haut de Ronchamp 1950 Le Corbusier 
Cityscape Times Square #2 photo Cityscape Times Square #2 1988 Varda Chryssa 
Clytemnestra II photo Clytemnestra II 1968 Varda Chryssa 
Complementary Afterimage photo Complementary Afterimage 2015 Liz West 
Consol gelb photo Consol gelb 2000 Günter Dohr 
Continuel-mobile, continuel-lumière photo Continuel-mobile, continuel-lumière 1963 Julio le Parc 
Croisement photo Croisement 2018 Pablo Valbuena 
Depot photo Depot 2010 Christine Schulz 
Don’t look into the light photo Don’t look into the light 2013 Dennis Parren 
Dress Vehicle – Yin Yang photo Dress Vehicle – Yin Yang 2012 Haegue Yang 
Dystopia Stalker No. 2 photo Dystopia Stalker No. 2 2013 Lori Hersberger 
Éclairages photo Éclairages 2014 Michel Verjux 
Ejercicios de invisibilidad photo Ejercicios de invisibilidad 2012 Bernardí Roig 
Electric Rose photo Electric Rose 1965 Otto Piene 
Ferrymans crossing photo Ferrymans crossing 2015 Bruce Munro 
First Symphony photo First Symphony 2006 Stephen Knapp 
Five Floors photo Five Floors 1992 Hans Peter Kuhn 
Flare facade photo Flare facade 2008 Christopher Bauder 
Forms in Space…by Light (in Time) photo Forms in Space…by Light (in Time) 2017 Cerith Wyn Evans 
Franchise Freedom photo Franchise Freedom 2018 Studio Drift 
Gegenwart II photo Gegenwart II 2010 Hinrich Gross 
Global Domes XII photo Global Domes XII 2000 John M. Armleder 
Heliosphere photo Heliosphere 2014 Matthijs Munnik 
Homeless Lamp, the Juice Sucker photo Homeless Lamp, the Juice Sucker 2004 Iván Navarro 
Human Nature / Life Death / Knows Doesn’t Know photo Human Nature / Life Death / Knows Doesn’t Know 1983 Bruce Nauman 
Hypothesis photo Hypothesis 2015 Philippe Parreno 
I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW photo I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW 2002 Tracey Emin 
In Between photo In Between 2015 Mariana Vassileva 
inKUBATOR photo inKUBATOR 2017 joeressen + kessner 
Invisible Dimensions photo Invisible Dimensions 2016 Carlo Bernardini 
Kinetic Outdoor Light Mural  photo Kinetic Outdoor Light Mural  1949 Gyorgy Kepes 
L'Avalanche photo L'Avalanche 1996 François Morellet 
Licht Himmel photo Licht Himmel 2008 Christina Kubisch 
Lichtbühne photo Lichtbühne 2011 Christian Herdeg 
Lichtflotte Arte Laguna photo Lichtflotte Arte Laguna 1995 Waltraut Cooper 
Lichtgrenze photo Lichtgrenze 2014 Christopher Bauder 
Light Connection photo Light Connection 1997 Michel Verjux 
Light Switch photo Light Switch 1992 Ceal Floyer 
Line Describing a Cone photo Line Describing a Cone 1973 Anthony McCall 
Lucciola Salzgitter photo Lucciola Salzgitter 1983 Francesco Mariotti 
Luci photo Luci 1968 Gilberto Zorio 
Luminous wall for Boston Harbor Bicentennial photo Luminous wall for Boston Harbor Bicentennial 19641965 Gyorgy Kepes 
Lumisonic Rotera photo Lumisonic Rotera 2012 Mariska de Groot 
Massachusetts Chandelier photo Massachusetts Chandelier 2010 Pipilotti Rist 
Metropolis photo Metropolis 2006 Nan Hoover 
Mijn Berg photo Mijn Berg 2015 Diana Ramaekers 
MIRROR - Seattle Art Museum photo MIRROR - Seattle Art Museum 2013 Doug Aitken 
Movement Study photo Movement Study 2017 Max Sudhues 
Mur Island Graz photo Mur Island Graz 2002 Vito Acconci 
My Component, My Enemy, My Oppressor, My Love photo My Component, My Enemy, My Oppressor, My Love 2008 Kara Walker 
Néon dans l’espace photo Néon dans l’espace 1969 François Morellet 
NGC6093 photo NGC6093 2001 Hiro Yamagata 
Nieve que quema photo Nieve que quema 2009 luzinterruptus 
Night Sky: Saturn North from Earth photo Night Sky: Saturn North from Earth 2010 Angela Bulloch 
No more excuses photo No more excuses 2013 Maurizio Nannucci 
One Hundred Live and Die photo One Hundred Live and Die 1984 Bruce Nauman 
ÖR 46, Lichtwand photo ÖR 46, Lichtwand 1991 Werner Bauer 
Percussion Androgyn photo Percussion Androgyn 1986 Jakob Mattner 
Pixelwald photo Pixelwald 2016 Pipilotti Rist 
Plan Albea photo Plan Albea 2014 Gun Gordillo 
Primordial Garden photo Primordial Garden 2016 Adela Andea 
Red Yellow Looming photo Red Yellow Looming 2004 Jenny Holzer 
Reflections 11 photo Reflections 11 2011 Mariana Vassileva 
Rendez-vous ! photo Rendez-vous ! 2009 Diane Landry 
res·o·nant photo res·o·nant 2017 Mischa Kuball 
reverse of volume RG photo reverse of volume RG 2012 Onishi Yasuaki 
Revolving Doors photo Revolving Doors 2015 Chris Fraser 
Rum photo Rum 2017 Thorbjoern Lausten 
Safe Frame photo Safe Frame 2013 Danica Dakić 
Salle des sculptures romanes photo Salle des sculptures romanes 2014 Jorge Pardo 
Schattenschaukel photo Schattenschaukel 2015 Hinrich Gross 
SCHWEIGEN photo SCHWEIGEN 2010 Gunda Förster 
Sex and Death by Murder and Suicide photo Sex and Death by Murder and Suicide 1985 Bruce Nauman 
Sieben Lichtkörper photo Sieben Lichtkörper 1982 Christian Herdeg 
Solid Light Works photo Solid Light Works 2018 Anthony McCall 
Spazio elastico (Elastic space) photo Spazio elastico (Elastic space) 1967 Gianni Colombo 
Stabilizing Light Ahlen photo Stabilizing Light Ahlen 2017 Christoph Dahlhausen 
Star Trap photo Star Trap 1991 Arnold Dreyblatt 
STS – Nomadic Light Sculpture photo STS – Nomadic Light Sculpture 2013 Doug Aitken 
Tempête dans un verre d'eau photo Tempête dans un verre d'eau 1993 Patrick Raynaud 
The Influence Machine photo The Influence Machine 2001 Toni Oursler 
The Luminiferous Aether photo The Luminiferous Aether 2011 James O. Clark 
The Milky Way photo The Milky Way 2007 Björn Dahlem 
Throne (and over and over again) photo Throne (and over and over again) 2009 Banks Violette 
TIME photo TIME 2010 Christoph Hildebrand 
Time Compression (A Light at the End. A Light at the Beginning.) photo Time Compression (A Light at the End. A Light at the Beginning.) 2018 James Clar 
Turbulent Souvenirs/Memories photo Turbulent Souvenirs/Memories 2012 Helga Griffiths 
Venice Biennale photo Venice Biennale 2009 Silvio Wolf 
Wallpainting photo Wallpainting 2010 Paul Schwer 
WAYS photo WAYS 2018 Christine Schulz 
White Cube photo White Cube 2014 Cerith Wyn Evans 
White Museum - Live photo White Museum - Live 2016 Rosa Barba 
Whizz Pops photo Whizz Pops 20122014 Bruce Munro 
Wünschelmatrix (YOU&ME-isms/ Part 2) photo Wünschelmatrix (YOU&ME-isms/ Part 2) 2013 Boris Petrovsky 
YES TO ALL photo YES TO ALL 2016 Sylvie Fleury 
You Loved me like a distant Star photo You Loved me like a distant Star 2012 Tracey Emin 
Ziffern im Wald photo Ziffern im Wald 2003 Mario Merz 
Zombie Voyageur N° 1 photo Zombie Voyageur N° 1 2007 Lori Hersberger 
ZOO photo ZOO 1989 Albert Hien 
Zoom Squares photo Zoom Squares 1967 Gianni Colombo