Mixed Media / Intermedia

Sortierung: Titel, Jahr
ANIMA iki photo ANIMA iki 2015 studio onformativ 
Archive Dreaming photo Archive Dreaming 2017 Refik Anadol 
Are you really here photo Are you really here 2014 Jeppe Hein 
Be Amazing (White) photo Be Amazing (White) 2013 Sylvie Fleury 
big bang……interruption! photo big bang……interruption! 2013 Hans Kotter 
Bit.Fall photo Bit.Fall 2016 Julius Popp 
Bit.reflection photo Bit.reflection 2013 Julius Popp 
Blind Spot photo Blind Spot 2002 Fred Eerdekens 
Blue Invasion photo Blue Invasion 2006 Toni Oursler 
Boxenstop photo Boxenstop 2000 Daniel Hausig 
Cinemaczz photo Cinemaczz 2016 Vollrad Kutscher 
Cyclocopter photo Cyclocopter 2014 RaumZeitPiraten 
Desk Lamp, Crash photo Desk Lamp, Crash 1998 Bill Culbert 
Drip photo Drip 2004 André Bless 
Echo photo Echo 2016 Daniel Canogar 
Extension - Model 1 : 1 photo Extension - Model 1 : 1 2017 molitor&kuzmin 
First Symphony photo First Symphony 2006 Stephen Knapp 
Fractal /New Fractal photo Fractal /New Fractal 2018 Hans Kotter 
Fragments of RGB photo Fragments of RGB 2010 studio onformativ 
HackenPorsche photo HackenPorsche 2015 RaumZeitPiraten 
Haptic photo Haptic 2008 Hiroaki Umeda 
Holistic Strata Installation photo Holistic Strata Installation 2011 Hiroaki Umeda 
Homeless Lamp, the Juice Sucker photo Homeless Lamp, the Juice Sucker 2004 Iván Navarro 
Hypothesis photo Hypothesis 2015 Philippe Parreno 
I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW photo I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW 2002 Tracey Emin 
Indebted To You photo Indebted To You 2018 Kristin McIver 
Infinity Room photo Infinity Room 2015 Refik Anadol 
Inner Vision photo Inner Vision 2011 Stephen Knapp 
Intensional Particle photo Intensional Particle 2015 Hiroaki Umeda 
Irrlicht photo Irrlicht 2018 Susanne Hofer 
Kinetic Skyline photo Kinetic Skyline 2016 Bill FitzGibbons 
Lichtspiel Opus 1 photo Lichtspiel Opus 1 1921 Walter Ruttmann 
Light Matters/ Matrix Paris photo Light Matters/ Matrix Paris 2018 Erwin Redl 
Light Sculpture photo Light Sculpture 2008 Olivier Ratsi 
Lighthouse photo Lighthouse 2001 Vadim Fishkin 
LightRails photo LightRails 2013 Bill FitzGibbons 
Liquid Crystal Environment photo Liquid Crystal Environment 1998 Gustav Metzger 
Lux, Lumens & Candelas photo Lux, Lumens & Candelas 2014 Adela Andea 
Mega Death photo Mega Death 2016 Tatsuo Miyajima 
Microclimates photo Microclimates 2008 Helga Griffiths 
MIRROR - Seattle Art Museum photo MIRROR - Seattle Art Museum 2013 Doug Aitken 
Motion in Space - Space in Motion photo Motion in Space - Space in Motion 1987 Dieter Jung 
Mouvement photo Mouvement 1965 Horacio Garcia Rossi 
MQ10 Architectural staging of the Leopold Museum photo MQ10 Architectural staging of the Leopold Museum 2011 urbanscreen (Kollektiv) 
Much Better Than This photo Much Better Than This 2015 Rafaël Rozendaal 
My Component, My Enemy, My Oppressor, My Love photo My Component, My Enemy, My Oppressor, My Love 2008 Kara Walker 
Neon Structure photo Neon Structure 2009 Thorbjoern Lausten 
No more excuses photo No more excuses 2013 Maurizio Nannucci