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All art has been contemporary photo All art has been contemporary 2005 Maurizio Nannucci 
America America photo America America 1964 Martial Raysse 
An Additive Mix photo An Additive Mix 2015 Liz West 
Archie & the bees photo Archie & the bees 2009 PIPS:lab 
Ashley Madison Angels at Work photo Ashley Madison Angels at Work 2016 !Mediengruppe Bitnik 
Astro 5 photo Astro 5 2014 John M. Armleder 
Birdcage 2017 photo Birdcage 2017 2017 Jeongmoon Choi 
Blue, red and yellow photo Blue, red and yellow 2001 Ann Veronica Janssens 
Cercles rouge laser photo Cercles rouge laser 1981 Joël Stein 
Clytemnestra II photo Clytemnestra II 1968 Varda Chryssa 
Collapsed Gallery photo Collapsed Gallery 1991 Bigert & Bergström 
Consol gelb photo Consol gelb 2000 Günter Dohr 
Départ + Arrivée photo Départ + Arrivée 2015 Christian Boltanski 
Disassembly photo Disassembly 2017 Susanne Rottenbacher 
Double Act photo Double Act 2006 Ceal Floyer 
Dystopia Stalker No. 2 photo Dystopia Stalker No. 2 2013 Lori Hersberger 
Edisonka photo Edisonka 1926 Zdeněk Pešánek 
Energetische Konstruktionen photo Energetische Konstruktionen 2018 Rainer Plum 
Erleuchung photo Erleuchung 2015 Dirk Vollenbroich 
Farb-Licht-Kegel photo Farb-Licht-Kegel 2018 Farb-Licht-Zentrum der ZHdK 
Fire and Water photo Fire and Water 2012 Yaacov Agam 
First Symphony photo First Symphony 2006 Stephen Knapp 
Four Colours Four Words (Blue, Red, Yellow, Green) photo Four Colours Four Words (Blue, Red, Yellow, Green) 1966 Joseph Kosuth 
Gradients photo Gradients 2015 Dennis Parren 
Haptic photo Haptic 2008 Hiroaki Umeda 
I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW photo I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW 2002 Tracey Emin 
Im Vorübergehen photo Im Vorübergehen 1993 Günter Dohr 
In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni photo In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni 2006 Cerith Wyn Evans 
Inner Vision photo Inner Vision 2011 Stephen Knapp 
J'ai rêvé d'un autre monde photo J'ai rêvé d'un autre monde 2001 Claude Lévêque 
kavlebod brygge photo kavlebod brygge 2018 Gun Gordillo 
Kultur = Kapital photo Kultur = Kapital 2016 Alfredo Jaar 
Laments: I am a man... photo Laments: I am a man... 1987 Jenny Holzer 
Licht - Raum - Erkundungen photo Licht - Raum - Erkundungen 2017 Margareta Hesse 
Lichtbühne photo Lichtbühne 2011 Christian Herdeg 
Lichtquadrat photo Lichtquadrat 2006 Waltraut Cooper 
Lichtspiel Opus 1 photo Lichtspiel Opus 1 1921 Walter Ruttmann 
Lichtspieltheater photo Lichtspieltheater 2012 Vollrad Kutscher 
Light going photo Light going 2015 Claudia Wissmann 
Light Matters/ Matrix Paris photo Light Matters/ Matrix Paris 2018 Erwin Redl 
Light prisms/ Tuffo nell’arcobaleno photo Light prisms/ Tuffo nell’arcobaleno 1969 Alberto Biasi 
Lux, Lumens & Candelas photo Lux, Lumens & Candelas 2014 Adela Andea 
Metropolis photo Metropolis 2006 Nan Hoover 
Mijn Berg photo Mijn Berg 2015 Diana Ramaekers 
Miss You, Please Contact Me photo Miss You, Please Contact Me 2000 He An 
Neon for La Jolla photo Neon for La Jolla 1984 Stephen Antonakos 
NGC6093 photo NGC6093 2001 Hiro Yamagata 
photon 999 photo photon 999 2001 Hiro Yamagata 
Plexus A1 photo Plexus A1 2015 Gabriel Dawe 
Primordial Garden photo Primordial Garden 2016 Adela Andea 
Random Fear with Mirrors photo Random Fear with Mirrors 2019 Rafaël Rozendaal 
Red Yellow Looming photo Red Yellow Looming 2004 Jenny Holzer 
Reflektorisches Lichtspiel photo Reflektorisches Lichtspiel 1922 Kurt Schwerdtfeger 
Rendez-vous ! photo Rendez-vous ! 2009 Diane Landry 
res·o·nant photo res·o·nant 2017 Mischa Kuball 
Robert photo Robert 2018 Tavares Strachan 
Rose photo Rose 2007 Ann Veronica Janssens 
Rum photo Rum 2017 Thorbjoern Lausten 
Sieben Lichtkörper photo Sieben Lichtkörper 1982 Christian Herdeg 
Skylights photo Skylights 2008 Adam Barker-Mill 
Spaceless Spaces (Deep Projection) photo Spaceless Spaces (Deep Projection) 2015 Takashi Kunitani 
Speed Of Light photo Speed Of Light 2010 United Visual Artists (UVA) Chris Bird Matthew Clark Ash Nehru 
SPIN! photo SPIN! 2017 Susanne Rottenbacher 
Step-On I photo Step-On I 1975 Christian Herdeg 
STS – Nomadic Light Sculpture photo STS – Nomadic Light Sculpture 2013 Doug Aitken 
Swathe of Light photo Swathe of Light 2008 Margareta Hesse 
Transformation photo Transformation 2009 Stephen Knapp 
Unwoven Light photo Unwoven Light 2013 Soo Sunny Park 
What to see What not to see photo What to see What not to see 2007 Maurizio Nannucci 
YES TO ALL photo YES TO ALL 2016 Sylvie Fleury 
You Loved me like a distant Star photo You Loved me like a distant Star 2012 Tracey Emin 
Zombie Voyageur N° 1 photo Zombie Voyageur N° 1 2007 Lori Hersberger 
Zutphen / Marstunnel photo Zutphen / Marstunnel 2015