Film / Video

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A logo for America photo A logo for America 1987 Alfredo Jaar 
āāā - Fear of the Unknown remix photo āāā - Fear of the Unknown remix 2016 Haroon Mirza 
Archive Dreaming photo Archive Dreaming 2017 Refik Anadol 
Berlin - Symphonie einer Großstadt photo Berlin - Symphonie einer Großstadt 1927 Walter Ruttmann 
Black TV photo Black TV 1968 Aldo Tambellini 
Blue Invasion photo Blue Invasion 2006 Toni Oursler 
Depot photo Depot 2010 Christine Schulz 
Der neue Mieter photo Der neue Mieter 2011 Susanne Hofer 
Dry lights photo Dry lights 2015 Thomas Vaquié 
Echo photo Echo 2016 Daniel Canogar 
Ejercicios de invisibilidad photo Ejercicios de invisibilidad 2012 Bernardí Roig 
Eyeshine photo Eyeshine 2011 Golan Levin and Collaborators (FLONG) 
Facility Way photo Facility Way 2018 Christine Schulz 
Fades photo Fades 2006 Carsten Nicolai 
Fall From Grace, Miss Pipi's Blue Tale photo Fall From Grace, Miss Pipi's Blue Tale 2011 Kara Walker 
Filmstudie photo Filmstudie 1926 Hans Richter 
Fragmented Plane photo Fragmented Plane 2016 Thomas Vaquié 
Hypothesis photo Hypothesis 2015 Philippe Parreno 
Impressions photo Impressions 1978 Nan Hoover 
Indebted To You photo Indebted To You 2018 Kristin McIver 
Infinity Room photo Infinity Room 2015 Refik Anadol 
Irrlicht photo Irrlicht 2018 Susanne Hofer 
LFS1 - a Light Field Synthesis photo LFS1 - a Light Field Synthesis 2016 Mariska de Groot 
Lichtspiel Opus 1 photo Lichtspiel Opus 1 1921 Walter Ruttmann 
Line Describing a Cone photo Line Describing a Cone 1973 Anthony McCall 
Massachusetts Chandelier photo Massachusetts Chandelier 2010 Pipilotti Rist 
Mattress Factory photo Mattress Factory 2011 Pablo Valbuena 
Microclimates photo Microclimates 2008 Helga Griffiths 
MIRROR - Seattle Art Museum photo MIRROR - Seattle Art Museum 2013 Doug Aitken 
MQ10 Architectural staging of the Leopold Museum photo MQ10 Architectural staging of the Leopold Museum 2011 urbanscreen (Kollektiv) 
Much Better Than This photo Much Better Than This 2015 Rafaël Rozendaal 
O (Omicron) photo O (Omicron) 2012 Romain Tardy 
One11 and 103 photo One11 and 103 1992 John Cage 
Onion Skin photo Onion Skin 2017 Olivier Ratsi 
Pixelwald photo Pixelwald 2016 Pipilotti Rist 
Prime Time / Prime Time 2 photo Prime Time / Prime Time 2 2011 Claudia Wissmann 
Random Fear with Mirrors photo Random Fear with Mirrors 2019 Rafaël Rozendaal 
Raumlichtkunst (Space Light Art) photo Raumlichtkunst (Space Light Art) 1926 Oskar Fischinger 
Reflections 11 photo Reflections 11 2011 Mariana Vassileva 
Refusal of time photo Refusal of time 2012 William Kentridge 
Retracing Black photo Retracing Black 2012 Aldo Tambellini 
Rhythmus 21 photo Rhythmus 21 1921 Hans Richter 
Safe Frame photo Safe Frame 2013 Danica Dakić 
Searchlight photo Searchlight 1994 Gary Hill 
Storming Times Square photo Storming Times Square 2014 Daniel Canogar 
Sun_Stop photo Sun_Stop 2003 Vadim Fishkin 
The Color Out of Space photo The Color Out of Space 2015 Rosa Barba 
The drift photo The drift 2018 Romain Tardy