Sortierung: Titel, Jahr
A logo for America photo A logo for America 1987 Alfredo Jaar 
ARCHE photo ARCHE 2003 Christoph Hildebrand 
Deckenmalerei photo Deckenmalerei 1992 Gerhard Merz 
Earth and Fire photo Earth and Fire 2012 Jaume Plensa 
Franchise Freedom photo Franchise Freedom 2018 Studio Drift 
Ghost Pole Propagator II photo Ghost Pole Propagator II 2016 Golan Levin and Collaborators (FLONG) 
Kinetic Skyline photo Kinetic Skyline 2016 Bill FitzGibbons 
Licht Himmel photo Licht Himmel 2008 Christina Kubisch 
Lichtquadrat photo Lichtquadrat 2006 Waltraut Cooper 
Mer veille photo Mer veille 2013 Yann Kersalé 
Neon Structure photo Neon Structure 2009 Thorbjoern Lausten 
ohne Titel photo ohne Titel 2012 Jürgen Albrecht 
Pavillon photo Pavillon 2000 Gerhard Merz 
Sign of Life photo Sign of Life 2012 Hartung and Trenz 
STS – Nomadic Light Sculpture photo STS – Nomadic Light Sculpture 2013 Doug Aitken 
Sun, Moon and Stars (Sonne, Mond und Sterne) photo Sun, Moon and Stars (Sonne, Mond und Sterne) 1999 Peter Erskine 
Terminal photo Terminal 2016 Karolina Halatek 
The Killing Maschine photo The Killing Maschine 1995 Cardiff + Miller 
TIME photo TIME 2010 Christoph Hildebrand 
Universalis photo Universalis 2013 Jürgen Albrecht 
Untitled (against the Sculptural) photo Untitled (against the Sculptural) 2009 Onishi Yasuaki