Fluoreszenz / Phosphoreszenz

Sortierung: Titel, Jahr
A large Cylindrogram (kinetic light object) photo A large Cylindrogram (kinetic light object) 1968 Günter Dohr 
An Additive Mix photo An Additive Mix 2015 Liz West 
Birdcage 2017 photo Birdcage 2017 2017 Jeongmoon Choi 
Blind Light photo Blind Light 2007 Antony Gormley 
Connect, Back to Back photo Connect, Back to Back 2015 Regine Schumann 
DW 68 VEN MCASD 11 photo DW 68 VEN MCASD 11 1968 Douglas Wheeler 
Five Floors photo Five Floors 1992 Hans Peter Kuhn 
Invisible Dimensions photo Invisible Dimensions 2016 Carlo Bernardini 
Lichtgrenze photo Lichtgrenze 2014 Christopher Bauder 
Light and Space photo Light and Space 2007 Robert Irwin 
Moving Pictures photo Moving Pictures 2014 Regine Schumann 
Schlohweiß und Rabenschwarz photo Schlohweiß und Rabenschwarz 2001 Christina Kubisch 
Spazio elastico (Elastic space) photo Spazio elastico (Elastic space) 1967 Gianni Colombo 
Throne (and over and over again) photo Throne (and over and over again) 2009 Banks Violette 
Universalis photo Universalis 2013 Jürgen Albrecht 
Wunnerful Wunnerful photo Wunnerful Wunnerful 2012 James O. Clark 
∴ 0=1 -inflation photo ∴ 0=1 -inflation 2013 HItoshi Kuriyama