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Group exhibition2020Macht! Licht!Kunstmuseum WolfsburgWolfsburg (DE)
Solo exhibition2015Walk the Line, Neue Wege der ZeichnungKunstmuseum WolfsburgWolfsburg (DE)
Group exhibition2011Reflections 11LichtsichtBad Rothenfelde (DE)3rd Projection Biennale
Group exhibition201017th Biennale of Sydney: The Beauty and the DistanceBiennale of SydneySydney (AU)
Solo exhibition2006MirrorlightGoethe-Institut SofiaSofia (BG)
Solo exhibition2005Spiegel / LichtGalerie DNABerlin (DE)

Artworks in Collections
Kunstmuseum WolfsburgWolfsburg (DE)
Museum for Contemporary Art ScopjeSkopje (MK)
The Israel MuseumJerusalem (IL)

Catalogue2015Hatje Cantz VerlagKomm und sieh Sammlung von KelterbornBarbara London, Ludwig Seyfarth, Vorwort von Peter FrieseISBN 978-3-7757-3941-2Bremen (DE) Weserburg - Museum für Moderne Kunst, Bremen
Monography2021VfmK Verlag für moderne KunstFragile Power – Mariana Vassileva Works and Texts 2000 – 2020Charles Merewether, Michael Stoeber, Maria Vassileva, Janneke de Vries978-3-903320-82-6Bremen (DE) Weserburg Museum für moderne Kunst, Bremen(de / en) 184 pages

1994 - 2000


Berlin, Germany
Studied at the University of the Arts in Berlin

1994 - 2000


Tarnowo, Bulgaria


... What is striking about the artist’s work at first glance is the returning of light as both a subject and medium. A major theme! From Genesis to Enlightenment, not to mention the nineteenth8 century electrification, light is associated with a treasury of cultural metaphors. Vassileva takes this to another level in her works. In doing so, she finds shapes that let us see light in completely new contexts.

Stoeber, Michael: Thinking Surrenders to Feeling - On the work of Mariana Vassileva (17.04.2021)



In Between photo In Between 2015 Mariana Vassileva 
Reflections 11 photo Reflections 11 2011 Mariana Vassileva