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2011MuVI3 Award für synästhetische MedienkunstAkademie der Diözese Rottenburg-StuttgartStuttgart (DE)
Award2007 - 2008Visual Music AwardINM-Institut für Neue Medien e.V.Frankfurt am Main (DE)

Project2017Cidneon, Licht-Klang-PerformanceBrescia (IT)
Project2015»tracing_OS« eine performative Spurensuche nach Oskar Schlemmer mit Eva Baumann, Tanz und Klaus Janek, KlangBauhaus und WKVDessau (DE), Stuttgart (DE)
Project2012visual piano, Licht- / KlangperformanceMapping Festival, GenfGeneva (CH)
Festival2010ilight Marina BaySingapur, Licht- / Klangperformance mit Axel HanfreichSingapore (SG)



Crimea, Ukraine
Performance of the »visual piano« at the Kazantip Festival

1985 - 1992


Stuttgart / Leicester, Germany / England
Studied at the State Academy of Fine Arts, Stuttgart and Leicester University, GB; Graduated as a qualified designer

1985 - 1992



Research and teaching

Stuttgart, Germany
In collaboration with Philipp Rahlenbeck, he invented the worldwide unique instrument »visual piano«, which enables him to fill spaces with lines, objects and colors in real time without the use of ready-made clips.

Kurt Laurenz Theinert is a photographer and live performing light and media artist. His „visual piano“ performances are shown all around the world in Sao Paulo, London, Sydney, Berlin, New York and Singapore. He concentrates in his work on visual experiences that do not refer, as images, to anything. On the contrary, he is striving for an abstract, reductiv aesthetic that has ultimately led him – through a wish for more dematerialisation – from photography to light as a medium.
With the aid of software developers Roland Blach and Philipp Rahlenbeck, he has created an ‘image instrument’ (visual piano) on a MIDI-keyboard basis, that allows him to translate his artistic intentions into live performances while configuring time with light.
He creates pure visual music – live, abstract and space filling by using 360° panorama projection. There is no technical link between sound and image to enable a spontaneous dialogue between him and the musician. In his compositions and improvisations, he pries open the static properties of his projection spaces in favour of only those spatial correlations that can be perceived in the dynamics.

https://theinert-lichtkunst.de/eng_info.html (19.05.2021)



Chimera photo Chimera 2008 Kurt Laurenz Theinert 
Farblichtraum (engl.: color light room) photo Farblichtraum (engl.: color light room) 2016 Kurt Laurenz Theinert 
visual piano photo visual piano 2015 Kurt Laurenz Theinert