James Nizam

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Scholarship2017ForschungsstipendiumCanada Council for the ArtsOttawa, Canada
Award2016BC Arts Council GrantBC Arts Council GrantVictoria, Canada
Award2015BC Arts Council GrantBC Arts Council GrantVictoria, Canada
Scholarship2013Forschungs-/ArbeitsstipendiumCanada Council for the ArtsOttawa, Canada
Artist in residence2011ForschungsresidenzUniversity of WindsorOntario, Canada

Group exhibition2018Weight of LightArt MuseumToronto, Canada
Solo exhibition2017Stellar SpectraR E I T E R | Berlin prospectBerlin, Germany
Solo exhibition2016Thought FormsmaerzgalerieBerlin, Deutschland
Solo exhibition2015The Mnemonic LandscapeCapture Photography Festival, Gallery JonesVancouver, Canada
Festival2015LUX – Light FestivalWellington, New Zealad
Festival2015Light18. Sharjah Islamic Arts Festival, Sharjah Art MuseumUnited Arab Emirates
Solo exhibition2014Die AusstellungKIT - Kunst im TunnelDüsseldorf, Germany
Group exhibition2012PhotoIrelandIrish Museum of Contemporary ArtDublin, Irland
2007AnteroomGallery JonesVancouver, Canada
Group exhibition2003Inventing SpacesSurrey Art GallerySurrey, Canada

Monography2012Birch ContemporaryJAMES NIZAMTrace Heavens978-0-9739468-0-2Toronto Birch Contemporary
Monography2011Peperoni BooksTumulusJames Nizam, Roger Eberhard978-3-941825-30-7Berlin Texts by Dion Kliner/ Ludwig Seyfarth
Monography2010Gallery JonesMemorandomsJames Nizam978-0-9739468-4-8Vancouver Text by Dion Kliner
Monography2014Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther KönigDie Ausstellung978-3-86335-642-2Colgone Texts by Baptist Ohrtmann/ Carla Donauer/ Elke Kania



Vancouver, Canada
Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, University of British Columbia



Bedfordshire, England


Places of residence

Vancouver, Canada

James Nizam works with light - it is both his theme and material for his photographs. Artificial studio light or natural daylight directs the lines, shapes and surfaces while suggesting physicality and movement in his works. Without any tricky perceptions, Nizam is able to challenge the view of the virtuoso imaginations of objects. He can easily ignore the visual habit of only being able to capture light on the surface and transform immateriality into objectivity.
Sculptures with sunlight, drawings with flashlights, and the architectural structures of the light rays and alienated objects illuminate the beginnings of photographic art. The topics of concrete photography and the current technical possibilities of optical physics are also present. For example, Nizam installs light sources that emanate radiated light from different points of a confined space. Just like a choreographer, he is able to combine all of the beams into constellations, so that the luminous spatial lines complement each other and form geometric bodies.
The resulting convex polyhedron can be expanded into an icosahedron with 20 faces (»Thought Form«). Other works are created by pierced holes in film cassettes or freight containers into which the light is projected and creates a fan of light.
According to the models of ancient, astrological observatories and prehistoric solar calendars, Nizam (by precise calculation of the solar incidence in columns of the building exterior) creates temporary walls of light (»Shard of Light«). In »Lathes« and »Wall« he enlightens the architectural details of abstract, floating structures.

Irrespective of whether it is in a studio with artificial light or outdoors using the natural sunlight, Nizam works with materials such as colour, wood or stone. He manipulates light into lines, shapes, surfaces and textures while suggesting change and movement at the same time. The combination of both sculpture and space into light is summed up in his large-format photographs that have a highly aesthetic quality and poetic form.

https://www.reitergalleries.com/en/artists/james-nizam/ (9.12.2019)


Shard of Light photo Shard of Light 2011 James Nizam 
Thought Forms (Fan, Fold, Cube, Tetrahdron, Dart) photo Thought Forms (Fan, Fold, Cube, Tetrahdron, Dart) 2011 James Nizam