Robert Montgomery

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Scholarship1995 - 1997Core Program Artist in ResidenceMuseum of Fine ArtsHouston, USA

Art in Public Space2015Robert MontgomeryIstanbul’74Istanbul, Turkey
Solo exhibition2014Robert MontgomeryAnna Jill Lupertz GalleryBerlin, Germany
Solo exhibition2014Piles of Dirt and Glass You Walk UponGalerie ColetteParis, Frankreich
Solo exhibition2013Robert MontgomeryC24 GalleryNew York, USA
Group exhibition2013Quand l'art Prend la VilleDefacto, La DéfenseParis, France
Art in Public Space2012Robert Montgomery: Echoes of Voices in the High Towers Part 2Neue Berliner RäumeBerlin, Germany
Group exhibition2011OrientaleOrientale, Chiesa delle ZitelleVenice, Italy
Art in Public Space2010Heart of Glass20 Hoxton Square ProjectsLondon, England
Solo exhibition2009Emotional EmergencyAnalix Forever GalleryGeneva, Switzerland
Group exhibition2007Strategic Art GettsThe EmbassyEdinburgh, Schottland

Monograph2012Echoes of Voices in the High Towers: mono.log #01Echoes of Voices in the High Towers: mono.log #01Robert MontgomeryEchoes of Voices in the High Towers: mono.log #01Berlin 

1995 - 1997


Houston, USA
Core Program Artist in Residence at Museum of Fine Arts Houston

1995 - 1997


Chapelhall, Scotland


Places of residence

London, England

Known for his rhythmic texts pasted across posters on billboards and hoardings around East London, and for his dramatic light pieces and fire poems displayed throughout the world, Scottish artist Robert Montgomery brings a poetic voice to the discourse on Text Art.

His eloquent and, at times, biting statements cry out about what goes on in the world. Often giving voice to a common global conscience, spurning consumerism, raging against war and injustice, he also reminds us to appreciate the natural wonders of the world. Writ large, his texts displayed on walls in public streets speak powerfully to passersby. His works have something in common with the 1960s Situationists, a revolutionary group of European avant-garde artists, writers and poets who created large installations in unexpected places. (2.11.2019)


All Places Are Temporary Palaces photo All Places Are Temporary Palaces 2012 Robert Montgomery 
Money Is A Superstition photo Money Is A Superstition 2017 Robert Montgomery