Chromat 9

Title of ArtworkChromat 9
Year of Origin2015
    70 x 70 x 31.8 cm
    Valchromat, LED lamps
Collaboration/Shared Production/Researchn/a
Medium/Type of Artwork
Light Source
Light-Optical Factors
History of a work
2016ExhibitionsLondonBARTHA CONTEMPORARYLink
2014VimeoChromat 8Link

About Chromat 8:

The elegantly simple construction of Chromat 8 belies the work’s complexity and history. Whereas earlier versions of the Chromat series, first exhibited in 1985, projected light onto a two-dimensional, opal Perspex ‘screen’, Chromat 8 abandons this fourth wall to stimulate a three-dimensional, submersive viewer experience. The work consists of a box into which are cut two circular chambers, one set back within the other in which coloured LED lamps are  controlled through electronic dimmers to effect differing degrees of intensity and transformations of colour through a cycle of two overlapping sets of identically scored light episodes with  differing time-signatures. The inner  most cavity is designed to centralise the viewer’s focus and here the changes in colour and intensity are most notice- able; the rate of change also being slower than at the periphery. These are  interwoven to create a visual  canon that  gradually dislocates the  viewer’s spatial awareness. Experience of the putative physical world is thwarted, perspective interrupted. Light itself becomes elevated to pure aesthetic form to produce a transcendental experience that merges bodily awareness with the sublime by opening the field of the artwork  to include both the  viewer and  context.

Laure Genillard (28.07.2020) 

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