Agujero Negro (Cygnus X 1)

Title of ArtworkAgujero Negro (Cygnus X 1)
Year of Origin2014
    1800 x 1600 x 450 cm
    Wood, steel, lamps, fluorescents, various found objects
Collaboration/Shared Production/Researchn/a
    Galeria Heinrich Erhardt, Madrid
Medium/Type of Artwork
Light Source
Light-Optical Factors
History of a work

Black holes are astronomical objects or physical models to describe the state of a collapsed star. The matter of a dead star is extremely heavy and dense, which creates a huge gravitational field around it. This means that black holes swallow everything, including light. It seems that black holes are the engines, or gravitational hubs around which the whole of the universe moves. The installations and sculptures of Björn Dahlem (1974, Munich) reproduce the configuration of parallel dimensions and universes, forces and interactions that illustrate the physicist Edward Witten’s M Theory. Dahlem’s work and its arrangement and presence in space generate threads or membranes of vibrating energy, like a peculiar cosmic symphony. Constructions that are transformed into galaxies built to a human scale.

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